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PMOH-PYCHAC-RUSNAS.ORG - RHIO Jerusalem Holy Land Center - Media
Saturday, 23 June 2012
Conference of the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society took place in Moscow on 4 June 2012
Topic: IOPS - IPPO
On 4 June 2012, the second conference of the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society (IOPS) timed to its 130th anniversary took place at the conference hall of the Russian Camber of Accounts.


The Presidium consisted of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia, chairman of the Committee of the IOPS honoured members; Mr. Sergei Stepashin, head of the Chamber of Accounts and chairman of the IOPS; Metropolitan Juvenaly of Krutitsy and Kolomna; Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate’s Department for External Church Relations (DECR); Prof. Oleg Peresypkin, ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation and advisor to the rector of the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Mr. Mikhail Bogdanov, deputy minister of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation; H.E. Fayed Mustafa, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Palestine to Russia; Mr. Alexander Saltanov, now ‘Russian Railways’ vice-president, and other persons.

Attending the conference were also Archbishop Mark of Yegorievsk, head of the Moscow Patriarchate’s Administration for Institutions Abroad and the IOPS vice-chairman; and archpriest Nikolai Balashov, DECR deputy chairman and member of the IOPS Board.

The Moscow Synodal Choir sang “O Heavenly King” prayer, and Mr. Stepashin opened the plenary session.

His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia addressed the participants and presented Mr. Stepashin with a picture of the Moscow Church of St. Nicholas in Pyzhi as a token of commemoration of the IOPS jubilee.

Proceeding with the decision adopted by the IOPS Board on 28 May 2012, Mr. Stepashin presented a new commemorative badge of the Society, ‘Order of the Bethlehem Star’ No.1 to His Holiness Patriarch Kirill “for outstanding contribution to the development of the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society and to the advancement of Orthodoxy to the Holy Land.”

Deputy Minister Bogdanov read out greetings from Sergei Lavrov, Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Mr. Stepashin delivered a report, summing up the Society’s work for the last five years and telling about main directions and prospects.

A film on the 130th anniversary of the IOPS was shown.

Posted by jerusalem-holyland-center at 7:02 AM EDT
Sunday, 19 February 2012
10 Feb 2012 - " Russian Diplomats Day "in Israel
Topic: RKC - RCC Tel Aviv

10 Feb 2012 - " Russian Diplomats Day "in Israel
Russian diplomats in Israel celebrated their professional holiday

On February 10 the members of the Russian Diplomatic Service in Israel celebrated their professional holiday " Day of the Diplomat. "

On the eve of the holiday - February 9, the Russian Embassy in Tel Aviv and the Representation of the FA Rossotrudnichestvo in Israel began receiving congratulations on the occasion from their Israeli - Russian partners, colleagues and institutions in Israel, representatives of veteran and creative unions and associations of immigrants from the Soviet Union - now the CIS.

On the morning of the holiday, the staff of the Embassy, headed by Ambassador Sergey Yakovlev, laid flowers at the grave of the first vice-consul of Russia in Palestine VN Timofeev, and participated in a funeral prayer service in the church of St. Pref. Petra, located in the Russian Orthodox Church-owned territory in the southern part of Tel Aviv.

The highlight was the gathering in the Russian Cultural Center, where the diplomats met with the families of embassy staff and military attaches, the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem, the Russian representative in the Palestinian Authority and teachers of the school at the Embassy.

The festive meeting was opened by the Russian Ambassador Yakovlev, who read a congratulatory message from Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov to Russian diplomats.
The Ambassador also congratulated his colleagues and wished them success and good health, and then reported on the assignment of new diplomatic ranks for the young officers of the embassy.

The pupils from the school at the Embassy had prepared a small concert .
The young artists presented a literary and musical montage of the history of the Russian diplomatic service, which goes back 210 years, spoke about the fate of prominent Russian diplomats and sang songs and read poems.

A short humorous film,which the young Russian diplomats had prepared on the theme of the Embassy staff was also shown.

Press Office of the Russian Federal Agency Rossotrudnichestvo Representation in Israel

Posted by jerusalem-holyland-center at 6:58 AM EST
Wednesday, 21 December 2011
Kaiserin Auguste Victoria-Foundation” - Mount of Olives:
Topic: Jerusalem Partners

Kaiserin Auguste Victoria-Foundation” - Mount of Olives:

Invitation to the Finissage of the Foto Exhibition

'Beautiful Faces of Balata'

Wednesday, December 14th 2011, 7pm - 9pm

At the Church of the Ascension, “Kaiserin Auguste Victoria-Foundation”, Mount of Olives

followed afterward by live music with oriental oud

You are kindly invited to join the exhibition finissage which is organised together with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
(German Society for International Cooperation), the Yafa Cultural Center Balata (YCC)  and the Kaiserin Auguste Victoria-Foundation.

The exhibition project intends to create awareness through touring photography exhibitions about the life conditions at the Balata Refugee Camp.
The first part of the project resulted in an exhibition entitled “Beautiful Faces of Balata”, running since July 2011.

It is a project of Palpics, under the auspices of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and the Yafa Cultural Center (YCC).

For further information please contact


Posted by jerusalem-holyland-center at 7:50 AM EST
Saturday, 4 December 2010
Press Release
Topic: GS Gelber Stern Org


Press Release 

Berlin - Moscow - Jerusalem, 3. December 2010 -         

GS Gelber Stern Org and PMOH - PYCHAC-RUSNAS.ORG - Obshestvo IRAS 
intensify their cooperation


Both Organizations will work together even closer in the future.

This concerns the Resorts of Historical clarity , the Historical Societies of the PMOH-RUSNAS.ORG, Art and Culture and Volunteers.

Both Organizations are represented in Berlin, Moscow and Jerusalem.

Posted by jerusalem-holyland-center at 3:00 PM EST
Updated: Saturday, 4 December 2010 3:18 PM EST
Russian President Medvedev spoke with PM Benjamin Netanyahu
Topic: Kremlin News

Posted by jerusalem-holyland-center at 2:58 PM EST
Friday, 19 November 2010
Russian Government Completes Holy Land Museum in Jericho
Topic: GOV.RU

By Ministryvalues.com November 10, 2010

 Russian Cultural Center in Jericho will become "the first major project in the Holy Land in the third millennium that was actively taken up by the Russian state."  Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia.   


"And Jesus entered and passed through Jericho. And behold, there was a man named Zacchaeus, who was the chief among the tax collectors, and he was rich. And he sought to see Jesus ... but could not because of the crowd, because he was of short stature. And he ran ahead, and climbed up into a sycamore tree to see him: for he was to pass that way. And when Jesus came to the place, he looked up, and saw him, and said unto him, Zacchaeus, make haste, and come down; for today I must abide at thy house." Luke 19:1-5

With a giant trunk and boughs towering 60 feet high, a gnarled sycamore near Jericho's main square has long been touted as the very tree that the hated tax collector climbed to get a glimpse of Jesus. The tree, once tucked obscurely away on a side street, is a featured attraction of a Russian-funded museum complex to be unveiled this month as part of Jericho's 10,000th birthday celebrations.

Now it's taking center stage in a plan to transform this ancient desert backwater into a tourism hub. On Friday dozens of Palestinian and Russian workers laid brick, rushing to finish the white stone building with two domes and several graceful columns in time for the Oct. 10 opening. The museum, which sits on land bought by the Russian government in the 19th century, will feature Russian Religious art and an exhibit on cultural ties between Russia and Palestine, as well as artifacts discovered during a salvage dig before construction began. 

Russian archeologists who have conducted the first excavations in the Holy Land since Russian research of Christian antiquaries in Palestine stopped in 1917.

"Here we have discovered a complex of Byzantium buildings that dates back to 6-7 centuries. Perhaps, it is remains of a monastery with multicolored mosaics," director of the Archeology Institute and corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Nikolay Makarov said at a press conference on Wednesday.

Excavations in Jericho were organized by the Russian Presidential Administration in connection with building Russian museum and park complex and yard facelift.

Local lore has long maintained the tree, whose massive partially hollowed trunk measures 7 feet in diameter, is the very one featured in the biblical tale of Jesus and Zacchaeus, the tax collector of short stature who, according to the Gospel of Luke, climbed the tree to get a better look at Jesus.


The tree will eventually be ringed by the perimeter wall of the museum compound.

In the garden, workers laid tiles for a walkway from a recently excavated Byzantine-era mosaic to the sycamore tree. Landscape architect Sofiya Minasiyan said she plans to fill the grounds with plants mentioned in the Bible.

Daibes, the tourism minister, said tests are being conducted on the health of the tree, in hopes of finding ways to keep it strong. She said preliminary tests have shown the sycamore is more than 2,000 years old.

As Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia had earlier said, Russian Cultural Center in Jericho will become "the first major project in the Holy Land in the third millennium that was actively taken up by the Russian state." ___

Posted by jerusalem-holyland-center at 2:51 PM EST
Israel to have Soviet soldiers memorial
Topic: WWII - Veterans

Israel to have Soviet soldiers memorial

Nov 8, 2010 17:17 Moscow Time


Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged to erect a monument marking the Soviet Army’s victory over Nazi Germany, speaking at a conference in Jerusalem commemorating Alexander Bovin, Russia’s first ambassador to the country.

Israel already has monuments to Soviet soldiers but the new memorial in the city of Netanya will be the main one, symbolizing gratitude for the bravery of Soviet soldiers during WW2.

Posted by jerusalem-holyland-center at 12:54 PM EST
Saturday, 20 February 2010
"The Holy Land in the Russian culture" RCC Tel Aviv - Invitation roundtable - Feb 28 2010
Topic: RKC - RCC Tel Aviv





The Russian Cultural Center in Tel Aviv -
 38,Geula St. Tel Aviv - Tel 03-5166242

invites the interested public and scholars 

to a special international roundtable discussion in which a delegation  
of the State Academy of Slavic Culture (Moscow)
will participate.

Date: Sunday 28 February 2010 at 11:00


Topic:     "The Holy Land in the Russian culture"

- Audio-visual presentation ,
- Performances of the leading scientists of the Academy of topics:
1. "Gospel theme in Russian art of the twentieth century" - Rector Prof.  Konenkova AK
2. "The Holy Land in the heart of the Russian people" - prof. VS Glagolev
"The policy of Emperor Nicholas I for the Protection of the Holy Land" - prof. Evdokimov AY
"Russian architecture in the Holy Land: the contribution of Archimandrite
Antonin Kapustin "- student Mikhailov SI

- Performances by Israeli scientists.

Admission free


Posted by jerusalem-holyland-center at 10:23 AM EST
Updated: Saturday, 20 February 2010 10:25 AM EST
Thursday, 18 February 2010
President of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev meets Israeli PM Nethanyahu - Feb 15,2010
Topic: Kremlin News

Beginning of Meeting with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu

February 15, 2010

The Kremlin, Moscow



I am pleased to have this chance to meet with you to discuss our bilateral relations with Israel, and of course talk too about current international issues, especially the Middle East peace process, and look at the situation in the world today in general. I think this is all the more important given that Israel is more than just a partner in the ordinary sense for us, but is a country with whom we are bound by longstanding relations and with whom we share much in common in terms of the nature and makeup of our populations.

Another matter I wanted to bring up during our talks today is that this year is significant in that we will be celebrating the sixty-fifth anniversary of victory over Nazism. This is our common victory. I think the celebrations should take place at the highest level. In this respect, as I understand it, we will also approve a declaration today on the sixty-fifth anniversary of victory celebrations.

This is important in order to preserve for all time the memory of these events in the chronicles of history and prevent people from taking liberties with and falsifying the account of what actually happened. This is important for Russia, important for Israel, and important for the entire world.


DMITRY MEDVEDEV: It’s up to you. As you wish.

BENJAMIN NETANYAHU: …I brought my Minister, who is a native Russian speaker, Mr Edelstein, and our faction leader Mr Elkin. And they are teaching me Russian as we go along.

I am delighted to see you, Mr President, delighted to be here in Moscow. And delighted with your hospitality.

Perhaps I’ll start with what you’ve ended with. Because I think in many ways it’s the most fundamental element of our relationship, our past brings us to our present and guides us, gives us a foundation to go to the future. You spoke correctly about the need to recognise Russia’s extraordinary contribution in saving mankind against the Nazi tyranny. We know it very well.

We know it because of our combined history, and the fact that we have over a million Russian speakers many of whom fought in that same Great War, and we know the heroism and sacrifice of the Russian people which is unimaginable. Unimaginable. We appreciate it. In many ways we are part of it. We are part of it in two ways: one, in defeating the tyranny, and two, in suffering the consequences of this mad ideology.

You correctly say that there are people who wish to distort what happened in the Second World War. This applies both to the combatants and also to the victims. There is a widespread denial of the Holocaust. And this should be combated as firmly as any distortion of the history of the Second World War. It’s not just an argument of history, it’s an argument about the present and the future.

And I believe that on this we see eye to eye, and on many other things as well. I look forward to strengthening our mutual relations in every field. I look forward to seeing how we can advance peace, and helping advance peace means helping roll back the enemies of peace.

And they are around, strengthening themselves and arming themselves. And advancing peace, advancing our mutual relations and rolling back those who destroy peace and threaten the stability of the Middle East and the world is something I very much look forward to discussing with you. I appreciate the new relationship that we have forged over the last two decades. It’s very important for both of our countries. I think it’s very important for the world. Thank you, Mr President.


Posted by jerusalem-holyland-center at 6:28 PM EST
Tuesday, 2 February 2010
First anniversary of the enthronement of Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill.
Topic: Russian Orthodox Church

February 1, 2010,The Kremlin,Moscow



President of Russia,Dmitry Medvedev and his wife Svetlana attended a church service marking the first anniversary of the enthronement of Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill. 

The President sent his greetings to Patriarch Kirill on the anniversary, saying, in particular, in his message:

“The first year of your service as patriarch has been filled with active labour for the benefit of the Russian Orthodox Church and our entire society and marked by major successes in developing cooperation between the church and the state and working together to address the biggest social and educational tasks before our country today. 

Your efforts to cultivate moral values among young people have been especially fruitful. The introduction in Russian schools of a course in religious culture and secular ethics will contribute to this work, as well as the establishment of clergy working on a permanent basis in the Armed Forces. Your efforts to preserve civil peace and harmony in our country deserve our full support and continue to find a solid foundation in the centuries-old traditions of mutual respect between people of different faiths and cultures and the broad interfaith dialogue to which the Russian Orthodox Church devotes much attention.

The Moscow Patriarchate’s steps towards consolidating unity within the church have been greatly welcomed and have provided a big incentive for the spiritual consolidation of the millions who make up the Russian Orthodox Church’s flock around the world, above all in the CIS, and for strengthening ties with our compatriots abroad. Your personal contribution and your standing in the Orthodox world have made it possible to develop active ties with Orthodox churches everywhere, thus strengthening the brotherly ties between peoples and countries sharing a common spiritual tradition. 

The strength of your pastoral teaching, your impressive energy, and your ability to carry on a dialogue and find solutions to the problems facing the modern church and society today make your service as patriarch particularly important. I am sure that under your guidance the church will continue its noble mission, work for the benefit of our people and make its contribution to Russia’s spiritual transformation.” 

Patriarch Kirill is the sixteenth head of the Russian Orthodox Church since the institution of patriarch was introduced in Russia in 1589. The previous patriarch, Alexy II, died on December 5, 2008, at the age of 79. The new patriarch, Kirill, was elected at the end of January 2009, and enthroned on February 1, 2009. The church marks this date every year as an important celebration.

Posted by jerusalem-holyland-center at 3:37 PM EST

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